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Звезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активна

From 16 to 25 October, 2017 the All-Russian exhibition of people's artistic crafts «Zhivoj Istochnik» will be held in the Central Moscow Manege.

The organizer of the exhibition is the Association of folk art crafts of Russia. The project is devoted to the 115th anniversary of the first Russian industrial exhibition, held in 1902 at the Tauride Palace (one of the largest and most historic palaces in Saint Petersberg). It was organized by the ministry of agriculture and state property and was under the patronage of the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. An extensive exposition was divided into 19 theme groups and filled with marvelous diverse craft of popular craftsmen - from lapti (bast shoes) to graceful baubles. Almost four thousand participants from 56 regions represented their products on this showcase.

Unfortunately, the revolutionary consequences hardly damaged the traditional culture, the folk crafts have collapsed, and only in post-revolutionary times they begin to revive. The Art of folk crafts - khokhloma, Gorodets Painting, Palekh, Skopinskaya Ceramics and many others start new life. The huge role in this situation played the government regulations.

More than 500 stock exhibits will be presented at the exhibition«Zhivoj Istochnik», which vividly illustrate the various aspects of our country's life, both the revolution and the Soviet era. The range is wide and varied: the flames of the revolution and the victory in the fight against fascism, the construction of the virgin land and the great construction, Sports Records and the conquest of outer space, the treatment of popular traditions, the theatre and cinema, the family and long journeys, poetry, love and friendship are all that the artists of the time have cared about.

The form and idea of the exhibition of folk art crafts «Zhivoj Istochnik» is a journey to the world of beauty and familiarity with the people. The purpose of the exhibition is to show that this authentic beauty of the works of Russian folk creativity is still exists. As long as it is accompanied by a moral, economic and environmental situation in society and the most important state support, it will exist. Moreover, people's artistic crafts are an indicator of spiritual well-being in society. The exposition will be completed with the rare Archival footage, videos, films about the most vivid and significant people's Masters - Representatives of the multinational culture of Russia. The project is carried out with the support of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation The general sponsor of the exhibition is "Transneft".